Executives, management professionals, and promising young professionals at the world's most influential companies and institutions turn to me when a career change is on the horizon.

Unless they're in the early stages of their careers, most clients make $125,000 to $850,000 annuallysome with total compensation packages in the millions of dollars.

I provide them with choices and tools to make strategic decisions.

But that's the last you'll hear me say it, because I'm also their best kept secret.

As a résumé writer since 1997, serving as an executive recruiter along the way, I work with people who are planning a near- to long-term career shift, including:

  • Board directors seeking additional appointments
  • C-level executives and academics in transition
  • Senior professionals not quite in the C-suite, but looking to get there
  • Mid-career professionals analyzing their value in today's hiring market
  • Sharp young professionals with an eye on the C-suite

Many have been recruited and promoted for 15-25 years, but want to take the wheel of their own career. Roughly 85%-90% have heard through referral that I use the résumé writing and career document development process as a tool for career planning, interview preparation, and job search strategy.

Whether you’re part of a Fortune 50, everyday startup, heroic nonprofit, or somewhere in between, you offer the world something that is uniquely you. I've helped people at every professional level in nearly every industry. We’ll work hard together to develop the clarity you need.

Before learning about you, my materials looked like a kindergartner had written them.

I looked around, and I guess anyone can technically make a résumé look better, and for a lot less, but I needed much more than that. I needed a thought partner who would challenge me; act as my peer. I needed their intellect, not just their typing and formatting skills.
— Retired Managing Director, Senior Industry Analyst, University Professor & Public Board Director Candidate, New York, NY

Client Institutions

Abbott Diagnostics
Alexza Pharmaceuticals
Amazon Lab 126
American Express
ARCO Chemical
Artisan Entertainment
Automattic, Inc. (developer of WordPress)
Bank of America
Bain & Company
Barnes & Noble
BEA Systems
Becton Dickinson Biosciences
Bisys Brokerage Services
Booz Allen Hamilton
Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison
Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Clairol, Inc.
Clear Channel
Cole Henderson Drake
Columbia House
comScore, Inc.
Continental Airlines
Copley Pharmaceutical
Crane Co
Credit Suisse First Boston
Cumulus Media, Inc.
Defense Intelligence Agency
Department of Justice
DDB Remedy / Omnicom
Essex National Securities
First Collateral
Foote, Cone & Belding
Gap, Inc.
Georgetown University
Goldman Sachs
Harvard University
ING Group
JP Morgan
Lehman Brothers
Lionsgate Entertainment
McCann Worldgroup / Universal McCann
McKinsey & Company
Medidata Solutions
Mellon Capital
Men’s Wearhouse
Mirantis, Inc.
Molecular Devices
Morgan Stanley
O, The Oprah Magazine
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Oracle Corporation
Paul Hastings, LLP
Pepsico / The Pepsi Bottling Group
Philips Medical Systems
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Procter & Gamble
REI, Inc.
Robertson Stephens
Safeway (corporate)
San Francisco Symphony
Silicon Graphics (SGI)
Technicolor, Inc. 
Teradyne, Inc.
Tetra Tech
The Walt Disney Company
The White House
Thomson Financial
Thomson Reuters
Time Magazine
Towers Watson
Walmart, Inc.
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Wells Fargo Securities
White & Case
Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
World Bank
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Airlines
United Health Group
United Nations
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. State Department

All Ivy League universities

All Top 10 schools

Many unnamed corporate and community foundations, investment houses, private equity firms, etc.

C-suite Résumés

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Résumé  
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Résumé
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Résumé
Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) Résumé
Chief Operating Officer (COO) Résumé
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Résumé
Chief Information Officer (CIO) Résumé
Chief Information Security Office (CISO) Résumé
Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Résumé
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Résumé
General Counsel (GC) Résumé
Assistant General Counsel (AGC) Résumé

Vice President Résumés

Executive Vice President, Media Résumé
Executive Vice President, National Sales Résumé
Senior Vice President Résumé
Senior Vice President, Programming Résumé
Senior Vice President, Operations Résumé
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales Résumé
Senior Vice President, Commercial Sales Résumé
Vice President, Worldwide Sales Résumé
Vice President, International Merchandising Résumé
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Americas Résumé
Vice President, Business Development Résumé
Vice President, Product Development Résumé
Vice President, Sales Résumé 
Vice President, Engineering Résumé
Vice President, Engineering & Sales Résumé
Vice President, Marketing Résumé
Vice President, Marketing & Business Strategy Résumé
Vice President, Dual Markets Résumé
Vice President, Programming & Operations Résumé
Vice President, CRM Strategy Résumé

Director Résumés

Senior Director, Analytics Résumé
Senior Director, Enterprise Search Résumé
Senior Director, Global HR Résumé
Senior Director, Global Compensation & Benefits Résumé
Senior Director, Marketing Résumé
Senior Director, Web Marketing Résumé
Senior UX Designer Résumé
Senior Visual Designer Résumé
Director, Strategic Logistics Résumé
Director, Compliance Résumé
Director, Business Development Résumé 
Director, Product Marketing & Partnerships Résumé
Director, Product Management & Marketing Résumé
Director, Communications & Training Résumé
National Creative Director Résumé
Creative Director, Online Résumé
Director, Life Sciences Product Marketing Résumé
Director, Product Management Résumé
Director, Business Planning & Analysis Résumé
Director, Acquistion & Integration Résumé
Director, Marketing & New Product Development Résumé 
Director, Programming Résumé
Director, Innovation Résumé
Director, Industry Solutions Résumé 
Director, Innovation Strategy & Business Development Résumé
Director, Global Media Résumé 
Senior Director, Drug Discovery Résumé

Manager Résumés

Senior Product Innovation Manager Résumé
Senior Product Development Manager Résumé
Senior Manager, Brand Communications Résumé
Manager, Product Marketing Résumé
Product Manager Résumé
Program Manager Résumé
Systems Engineering Manager Résumé
Manager, Business Planning & Analysis Résumé 
Manager, Retail Marketing Résumé
Segment Manager Résumé
Sales Manager Résumé
Market Manager Résumé
Global Program Manager Résumé
Program Manager, Advertising Résumé
Media Supervisor & Planner Résumé
Manager, Strategic Projects Résumé
Managers, Operations & Product Résumé
Media Applications Developer Résumé

Other Résumés

Board Member Résumé
Business Unit President Résumé
Executive Editor Résumé
Magazine Editor Résumé
Magazine Publisher Résumé
Managing Director Résumé
General Manager Résumé
Head of Business Affairs Résumé
Country Manager Résumé