Welcome to The Résumé Studio. I'm Jared Redick, and I help people use the résumé writing process as a tool for personal brand development, career planning, and professional discovery.

I share a lot on this website. From how I work with clients, to trainings and presentations I deliver throughout the year, to coaching and occasional random thoughts on my blog. But one of the best places to start getting to know me is by reviewing (below) what my clients have said over the last twenty years after they completed their projects.

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The following recommendations were submitted by individual clients.

The best résumé and LinkedIn profile consultant I’ve ever known.
— Chief Marketing Officer, Cloud-based Life Sciences Company

“You had me at draft one.” — Product Developer & Technology Strategist résumé, Boston, MA

“Best résumé I’ve seen in 30 years of publishing.” — Magazine publisher remarking on a client’s master résumé

"Remember how I mentioned I was applying to three jobs? This is the first time in my life I've applied to more than one and been offered all three! I have no idea how to turn down the other two. I also want to gut-check that I'm making the right choice." — Program Manager résumé, Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much for your hard work and fabulous results on my résumé and LinkedIn profile. [Since then, I've been] very busy in a good way. Had a great meeting with Korn Ferry and have a phone call tomorrow with a board lead.” — Public Company Board Director résumé

Jared Redick presents to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at the UCLA Professional Development Conference 2015 (photo credit: UCLA career center)

Jared Redick presents to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at the UCLA Professional Development Conference 2015 (photo credit: UCLA career center)

“I have another analogy for you. The middle option of your services (Career Planner/Changer Program) is like doing a remodel, but the kind of remodel in which you go down to the studs.

The first option (Rapid-fire Résumé Package) is like remodeling a few rooms, maybe just a bathroom or two. The last (Career Explorer Program) is like building the house from scratch!” — Chief Marketing Officer résumé

“I've just finished all of the LinkedIn updates. It's showing my profile's strength at Expert Level! So, we're at the end of the project and I wish to express my gratitude for your ideas, hard work, and professional approach during this project.” — Director, Systems Engineering résumé

“I had several successful start-up interview rounds, and believe my résumé was the reason I received many fast responses after applying for positions. I was told in one interview that my résumé was by far the best they had ever seen.” — Senior Payments / FinTech Risk Management Professional résumé

Email headline: "You do know what you're doing.” Email body: "Wanted to report that I received another inquiry about a job, and this time it was a hiring company rather than a recruiter. Consequently, it's official that you are good!" — Controller / FINOP résumé, San Francisco, CA

By far the most thorough and innovative writer, who has delivered superior results.
— Executive Vice President & General Manager, Multibillion-dollar Industrial Automation Company

"I'm halfway through the résumé. I'm going to say it ... you are AMAZING at what you do." — EVP & General Counsel résumé, Washington, D.C.

Later about the executive bio: "Wow. Again, you've floored me. Great tone and rhythm. You made my life path look sensible." (Meanwhile, this is a highly compensated GC with unmatched pedigree.)

"This was a brutal, but brilliant process. The workbook really forces you to go deep, examine your experience and self perception, and then what that means to your future. It also, frankly, meant that once I committed, I had to finish. I've meant to do this [self-reflection] for the past five to seven years, but could never get it done on my own."— Global Policy Strategist & Corporate Affairs Executive résumé, Washington, D.C.

"The résumé is getting a lot of play. Six companies so far. Walked away from all of them. Been getting great feedback, and am now on the radar of Korn Ferry, Spencer Stuart, and Heidrick.— Chief Financial Officer résumé, San Francisco, CA

New Client Orientation + Custom Résumé Strategy

There’s a hodgepodge of résumé writing services out there.

Just about any time a search is performed for one, users will undoubtedly see ads for “$49.99 résumés in 24 hours” or “cover letters in 12 hours or less or your next cocktail is on us!” With Jared, there’s no need for false promises or flashy gimmicks.
— Product Architect, Facebook

“This week I landed six interviews out of six submissions. Thanks for such a great document.” — Senior Development Professional résumé, New York, NY

“This has been an eye-opening journey. [Our work together] has revealed that there was no other way to get this story pinned down than to go deep in the way we did, interrogate all these areas where I have acquired seemingly esoteric expertise, and stitch the disparate points together into a cohesive narrative. You have been an excellent companion and storyteller on this journey. Thank you!” — Enterprise Technology Executive résumé, Silicon Valley/San Francisco, CA

“Attached, please find my [completed] Job Description Analysis for discussion. Terrific exercise. Starting the exercise was overwhelming, but by the end, I could clearly see the simple logic. I've made some notes for our call to share what I discovered. Also, I've realized after completing the exercise that the exploration of different position summaries are [really] variations or extensions of my current [role].” — Policy Consultant résumé, Washington, D.C.

“Thanks a ton, Jared! I love the output and thought your process was very special.” — Enterprise Software Executive résumé, Silicon Valley

“I know we're not done yet, but you've really challenged me these past seven weeks. Not only on the things that obviously needed attention, but also on recognizing strengths that I've either discounted or not fully appreciated.” — Sales Operations Strategy Director résumé, San Francisco, CA

“As always, this is all very valuable! I'm absorbed by the way you work with ideas, especially your [reasoning around key decisions]. I'm going to copy your ideas into my forms library/custom ideas doc. I've started applying for jobs and [am] finding the process so easy with your library. I'm fortunate to have you working on memorializing my [story].” — Vice President, Human Resources résumé, Cupertino, CA

Jared Redick presents to Humanities PhDs at the Sacramento UCHRI Gathering in November 2015.

Jared Redick presents to Humanities PhDs at the Sacramento UCHRI Gathering in November 2015.

“Before I talked to [referring colleague] and learned about you, my materials looked like a kindergartner had written them. I looked around, and I guess anyone can technically make a résumé look better, and for a lot less, but I needed much more than that. I needed a thought partner who would challenge me; act as my peer. I needed their intellect, not just their typing and formatting skills.”

UPDATE 6 MONTHS LATER: “The résumé and LinkedIn profile have been a home run! I've gotten all sorts of inquiries from them.” 

UPDATE 13 MONTHS LATER: "Wanted to say thanks for your advice, encouragement, and help on the résumé. This past week, I was elected to sit on the board of [$4B+ market cap company]. I'm certain that my [materials] had an impact on my selection! I also got appointed for another year as professor at [confidential] university. I know you put all of your passion and brains into everything you do, but your assistance on my [materials were] immeasurable and got results! — Managing Director, Industry Analyst & Board Director résumé, New York, NY

“All I can say is WOW! You're amazing! Thank you so much. I agree with all your edits and at first review I have no changes. I will read it a few more times—and out loud as you recommend—but I have no doubt that if I have any changes they'll be minor because I'm going to have to dig deep to find them. You can't imagine the confidence and good feeling I have reading this. Don't ever let anyone say you charge too much; your work is worth every penny and more!” 

UPDATE: "You have no idea how much confidence you have given me by helping me put together these documents. The most amazing part is how much fun you made it. I looked forward to all our sessions." — Chief Information Security Officer résumé, New York, NY

“This has been a real pleasure working with you. I really appreciate all the input you provided me. If I can act as a reference, please do not hesitate as I will give you 5 out of 5 stars.” — Engineering, Development & Manufacturing Operations Director résumé, San Jose, CA

“Huge kudos. I met with my executive recruiter friend, and she said, 'You know, sometimes I cringe a little when I offer to look at someone's resume because of how harsh I might be ... and then I saw yours ... and I have no comment. It's great. The way you've divided things up and highlighted things are really effective, which allows us to have a bigger conversation.' 

You probably get this all the time, but I hope the feedback makes you happy. She also suggested an executive bio, which you're already writing, so you and she are TOTALLY sympatico!" — General Counsel & Corporate Secretary résumé

That writer is a sculptor of words.
— Silicon Valley recruiter remarking on a client's marketing résumé

“The résumé you created was extremely innovative, and it was amazing to see how you encapsulated my experience in such appropriate terms. You caused me to think in new ways about my experience, and I now understand the résumé writing process on a deeper level.” — Ph.D. candidate résumé, Los Angeles, CA

New Client Orientation + Custom Résumé Strategy

"Just wanted to let you know ... I've accepted a position in the Boston area, including a full relo package! NO DOUBT your efforts and guidance helped my résumé get noticed. I was contacted for an interview as a result of an application submitted via the company website, NOT through a recruiter or connection working there. Pretty cool, right? It's a really good opportunity and I'm very excited. Enjoy the rest of your year and the holidays, and know that you helped make all of this happen for me and my family." — Enterprise IT Operations & Service Lead résumé, San Francisco, CA

"This process has actually been quite enlightening."  — Corporate Development and M&A Executive, San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco résumé writer jared redick presents résumé writing strategies to the CFA Society of Minnesota, April 2012

San Francisco résumé writer jared redick presents résumé writing strategies to the CFA Society of Minnesota, April 2012

"I was thinking about you yesterday as I found a dream position at [Company Name Redacted]. The résumé we developed as my primary résumé fits the role perfectly, and I want to thank you for the time you spent getting to know me and my aspirations. It's a recruited position and the recruiter is already responding to me warmly. Will let you know where this heads." — Medical Device Scientist, San Francisco Bay Area

“I’ve already been contacted several times this week. Both times the caller said 'quite impressive' in regard to the résumé.” — Manufacturing Director résumé, Portland, OR

“I’m going to New York tomorrow to seal the deal. It’s Huge! It’s a direct hit down the resume you wrote for me and that piece of paper really did its job. Got me a meeting with the UK-based CEO who gave me the thumbs up. Thank you for getting me focused and able to quantify and easily communicate my qualifications” — Chief Business Officer résumé, San Francisco, CA

Career coaching, a greater understanding of self, and the art of developing your own brand.
— Jane C.

New Client Orientation + Custom Résumé Strategy

“What an excellent résumé! Seriously, it's elegantly packed with so much great information!” — Editor résumé, San Francisco, CA

"It's been several months since we finished the process of redoing my résumé and I have three offers on the table. I'm having a hard time deciding which to choose after narrowing it down to two. Any chance I could get your opinion on the two [additional] companies / roles? I'm trying to make the decision based on which job will get me closer to my short- and long-term career goals." — Head of Customer Communication & Engagement, Seattle, WA

"Your job description analysis is one of the most powerful, step-by-step tools I've ever seen for transforming the way you think about yourself and your skills. I found that breaking down the skills required for my "reach" or "dream job" pretty empowering and it really guided the way I framed my past experiences and the language I used. Before, tailoring seemed like a hopeless waste of time because how could I guess what employers wanted? Now I have a clear guide to help me as I apply for different jobs, which is amazing! Now that I've done it twice, I really see the value in using it for every job application.

He challenges you to think about the job you’re searching for, not just the one you’re trying to escape.
— Management Consultant, Global Technology & Business Consultancy

The one-on-one work is just phenomenal. You so clearly understand the genre of the résumé and I really felt like you were working to collaborate with me in ways that were sensitive to the experiences I've had, while still guiding me toward language that would be legible to employers (who wouldn't be so sensitive!). You managed the conventions of the genre without letting me get tripped up on them while drawing out the best descriptions of my skills and experiences. 

I showed my résumé to my committee chair the next day and she was incredibly impressed with the work we had done and the way you had transformed my CV. It opened up the opportunity to talk about alt-ac jobs, which I'd never done before. The résumé made her see me, my goals, and my skills in a totally different way. I mean, wow!"— University of California Ph.D. candidate, CV to résumé conversion

"I sent my résumé to someone this week and holy cow the response was amazing! Not only was the content and what I have accomplished impressive, but the presentation of said content made it easy to digest and understand. Bravo!!" — CBO Résumé, Digital Media, San Francisco Bay Area

"I showed my husband your latest draft versus the résumé I created on my own in my pre-Jared days. We were laughing at how far apart they were and what a great investment it [has been] to work with you."  — Managing Director résumé, San Francisco, CA

New Client Orientation + Custom Résumé Strategy

"Seriously. The difference between working with [other services] and The Résumé Studio is [comparable to] the difference between the mass production of tract homes and the commissioning of the custom home of my dreams." — Market development and product management executive résumé, San Francisco Bay Area

"I can't believe how much I've learned about myself and my long-term goals; not to mention what I don't want to do. This process has equipped me in ways I never expected."— Director of Enterprise Sales Operations, Strategy & Insights résumé, Silicon Valley 

"Thank you for your support during the process. It was productive and fun to work with you." — Business Development Executive résumé, Aviation, Warsaw, Poland

"Just wanted you to know, I accepted an awesome position as an assistant development director at [Organization Name] yesterday. I believe the work we did on my résumé opened the door for me to get an interview and enabled me to put my best foot forward. I'm very thankful and will recommend your services to my friends and colleagues ."  — Development Professional résumé, San Francisco Bay Area

These résumé’s are amazing.
— Chief Architect, Enterprise Cloud Computing Company

"Thank you again for the work you did on my résumé, etc. I ended up having a very successful interview schedule over the past several months. I came close to landing a major role at Accenture and am now on their list of eligible managing directors. In the meantime, I have landed a CMO role with a tech start-up, which I am very excited about. Thank you again for your considerable efforts."  Digital Marketing & Product Development expert, Chief Marketing Officer résumé, San Francisco, CA

Texted from 37,000 feet: "I'm on a flight from LGA to SFO and facing 11 meetings today. CEO on down. My big question is how to answer the greatest weakness question!" — Global Business & Technology Management Executive résumé, New York, NY

"I love the way you think!" — Managing Director, Marketing Technology résumé, San Francisco, CA

"I wanted to let you know that on Friday I got an offer from McKinsey! I really appreciate your help with my résumé, and I look forward to meeting you in person at the [Name Redacted] conference in November." — UCLA Ph.D. candidate

Also, Jared shows a high degree of professionalism in his work ... he is someone you can trust.
— Chief Financial Officer, Bay Area Growth Company

"My new résumé was the golden ticket I needed to make a quantum leap ... telling my disparate story in a way that makes sense." — Healthcare Foundation Consultant to Hospital Network Administration résumé, San Francisco Bay Area

New Client Orientation + Custom Résumé Strategy

"Thank you, Jared. You really captured all that I was looking for in my résumé!" — Retail Executive résumé, San Francisco, CA

"I started sending out my new résumé two weeks ago and already have several offers. Thanks!" — Registered Nurse résumé, Newark, NJ

"Wow! I’m amazed at the change. It looks fantastic!" — Law / Finance Writer résumé, New York, NY

"I keep meaning to email you. My résumé did the trick. I received a job offer from the first company I interviewed with. In fact, with my interview with the CFO, he said that I had a very impressive résumé!" — Regional Technology Manager résumé, Burbank, CA

"I submitted my new résumé one hour ago and already got my first call. Unbelievable." — Nonprofit Executive résumé, San Francisco, CA

Some [were] surprised that I was spending money on a pro, since I’ve helped just about everyone with their résumés.
— Hollywood Producer

"Every place I sent one to called me to schedule an interview." — Arts Administrator résumé, New York, NY

"I am using the new résumé and have been contacted several times already (within one week). Both times the caller used the words ‘quite impressive’ in regard to the résumé." — Manufacturing Lead résumé, Portland, OR

"I’ve had an interview already – and I have one more on Friday!" — Web Designer / Consultant résumé, Dallas, TX

"Thanks for all your help! The résumé gets amazing response!" — Marketing Director résumé, New York, NY

"You made me look great!" — Filmmaker résumé, Boston, MA

"Awesome – my new résumé did the trick!" — Technology Sales résumé, San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for all your help with my résumé. I made the move from LA to Phoenix. I got a great job. And I know my résumé was the tool that got me in the door. Thanks for your time and energy." — Scientist résumé, Phoenix, AZ

New Client Orientation + Custom Résumé Strategy

"It’s amazing how much you’ve crammed into such a small space." — Banking / Finance Consultant résumé, Oakland, CA

The questionnaire was painful at times but provided a necessary foundation for the job ahead.
— CFA Holder, Senior Financial Analyst

"I like that I can customize the top section of my new résumé. It’s made a big difference." — Actress / Singer résumé, Baton Rouge, LA

"It worked! I was having trouble breaking into management. My new résumé not only got me the interview I needed, but gave me the belief I needed to take the next step. Thanks." — Technology, Human Resources résumé, San Jose, CA

"WOW! Really like what you have done. No way could I have created it. You are truly an artist." — Publicist, Copywriter résumé, Boston, MA

The following recommendations were submitted via LinkedIn.

Jared is much more than a résumé writer. To go through Jared's résumé writing process is to experience career coaching, a greater understanding of self, and the art of developing your own brand all at once." — Janet C. hired Jared as a Writer/Editor
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“There's a hodgepodge of résumé writing services out there. Just about any time a search is performed for one, users will undoubtedly see ads for "$49.99 résumés in 24 hours" or "cover letters in 12 hours or less or your next cocktail is on us!" With Jared, there's no need for false promises or flashy gimmicks.” — Tim F., PMP, hired Jared as a Writer/Editor
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Jared has a varied background that adds to his ability to serve many industries with his writing services. He is easy to work with and communicates with a personal touch, meeting regularly in person if necessary to get a real sense of how to represent all sides of ‘you’ in his presentation.” — Jena D. hired Jared as a Writer/Editor
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

“I hired Jared to give my résumé a long-overdue tune-up (actually more like a total overall!). He was very easy to work with and had some excellent ideas on how to better position myself in the marketplace. I was extremely happy with the results and would recommend him highly to anyone in the market for a professional looking résumé." — Eric G., CFP hired Jared as a Writer/Editor
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

New Client Orientation + Custom Résumé Strategy

“I’d hired Jared as a result of a class I’d taken, that Jared taught on résumé writing, at Compass Point in San Francisco. I have since hired Jared twice, to refine my résumé as my professional experience has grown. My résumé reflected my strengths as they developed in the profession of nonprofit development, from mom who volunteered a lot, to graduate student, to experienced professional. Jared worked closely and respectfully with me to keep the jargon and exaggerations out of my résumé. His eye is sharp for shining light on a client’s strengths, his writing is excellent, terse, and his price has been fair. He even helped me to make my first connection in the profession. That was a gift. I give Jared the highest recommendation." — Sandra N. hired Jared as a Writer/Editor, and hired Jared more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“Working with Jared on my career-change résumé was a truly collaborative effort that was filled with creative energy. Jared takes the time to get to know the person (who is after all the subject of the piece) and never rushed the process. He created a low stress, high energy aura to the work, making it more 'fun' than 'work'. He is a very strong writer, communicator and trainer. I would highly recommend Jared to anyone who is in need of a résumé writer." Leigh L. hired Jared as a Writer/Editor
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Jared has assisted me several times in updating my résumé. I’ve enjoyed his consultative style - he asked lots of questions, provided working drafts and engaged me in drawing out the experiences I’ve had that are appropriate for a professional résumé. If you are prepared, to make a time investment with Jared on seriously working on your résumé through an iterative process, then your time and money will be very well spent." — Beau D. hired Jared as a Writer/Editor, and hired Jared more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Jared’s work is exceptional. Whether you want to polish up your existing résumé or get help repositioning yourself - Jared will make you look like gold." — Jared F. hired Jared as a Writer/Editor
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“I hired Jared to help me produce a résumé that would capture my diverse skills and experience. The result was that I sent the résumé to one prospective employer, got the interview, and secured 10% more than my desired salary. I now make over 100% more in salary than when I hired Jared two years ago." — Gary P. hired Jared as a Business Consultant
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

The following anonymized quotes were curated from post-project Survey Monkey-enabled evaluations. 

What did you learn about yourself that you didn't know before beginning your project?

It's challenging to succinctly quantify a job like mine [since] it's about numbers and the people reviewing my résumé aren't experts in my field.

Up to this point in my career, I've just worked, with little attention to what kind of value I could bring to an organization. Working with you helped me identify that I had a knack for building successful sales teams. More importantly, I had a talent for rebuilding teams that were in trouble.

Three things:
1. I needed to work on developing relationships with industry professionals.
2. I needed to join professional groups for career development, mentoring, networking, etc.
3. I needed to read industry publications.

I needed more definition around what career path I was going to pursue.

That I had a much more impressive story to tell about myself than I thought. That I didn't have to apologize or explain that it all fits together and makes sense.

I've learned several important things working with Jared, both as executive résumé writer and career coach. When he and I first started working together, I didn't have a clear idea about marketing myself professionally using the modern tools available. Jared immediately showed me how to wisely use social media tools like LinkedIn. He emphasized nurturing one's network, which was a hard thing for me to grasp but which I've started to embrace. Thirdly, I learned about the importance of joining groups and professional clubs.

Everything! Résumé writing guidelines, i.e. formal versus casual, first-person versus third-person, etc. LinkedIn, isn't just a cut and paste from your résumé. It's an active marketing tool that can be used for many things like promoting business, networking, and employment. I learned that I have unique skills that I wasn't considering when putting together my initial résumé. I'm a procrastinator who needs to have clear deadlines.

I learned that I have a tendency to underestimate my skills.

That I have a lot of skills that I hadn't really thought about until I actually started putting it down on paper.

I learned about the qualities I have that would be important to a company. Perhaps more importantly, we developed a career path going forward instead of a quick, one-time profile. I learned about engaging in the process.

I'd never really created an aggregate picture of my career successes. This process encouraged me to think deeply across my experiences and roles to form a complete picture of my career trajectory. The subsequent sum of all the accomplishments yielded an impressive profile that I wouldn't have been able to create on my own. Additionally, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I did NOT want to do in the future, which is arguably more important than the inverse.

“What three things did you enjoy during the process?”

1. The 1:1 meetings and consultations.
2. The iterative process.
3. _________________.

1. Comprehensive questionnaire
2. One-on-one time on the phone getting to know who I am. I could tell you were sincere and took pride in your work based on our conversation.
3. What I enjoyed most was your coaching me through how to best utilize my new résumé and cover letter (making edits, etc.).

1. Jared's coaching and mentoring.
2. Jared's knowledge and positive personality.
3. Looking forward to seeing Jared's transformation of my own writing into something that looked and sounded highly professional.

1. The questionnaire (or at least the outcome of the questionnaire)
2. The conversations over the phone for both my career coaching as well as the résumé project.
3. The re-working of each version of the résumé and going back if necessary to get something right.

1. Jared
2. Jared
3. Jared
     Oh, that's three of the same thing

1. The hard work of introspection
2. The stringing my career out and seeing how the timeline of it was sort of magical
3. Jared

I have really enjoyed the partnership with Jared as professional soundboard. He is great to work with and very knowledgeable about the latest trends in career development and job getting. Also Jared shows a high degree of professionalism in his work, which is appreciated. He is someone you can trust.

1. You offered to meet with me in person; English is my second language and you were willing to work with me at your office.
2. Understanding the process of personalizing a résumé. You helped to strategize the feel of what I wanted to convey. That is one of the most amazing aspects of your skills.
3. Efficiency of time. This taught me a lot about how to use my time when looking for employment.

Guidance and expertise.

1. Forcing myself to look at thing from a lot of different angles.
2. Having someone else to format and put things together.
3. Having the support during a painful process.

1. Enjoy may not be the right word, but I appreciated the hard work (soul searching) needed.
2. Speaking with Jared and being able to look at something from a different POV.
3. Learning about LinkedIn.

1. Rigorous, linear process
2. Creative, collaborative brainstorming
3. Depth of thinking required

What kind of feedback did you receive from others (friends, recruiters, colleagues) about your résumé?

I get good feedback on both my LinkedIn profile and my website. They help to bring me business. And my writing/coaching for people leads to many referrals and repeat business.

All thought it was great. Excellent feedback.

I've received nothing but good feedback. I've also received a high percentage of call backs when I've decided to search for new opportunities.

Most people were impressed and thought that my résumé looked very professional. A few thought my résumé looked very professional and also noticed all the numbers and percentages that were included. 

Very well done (professional looking, well written, appropriate formatting).

Mostly excellent résumé. Some surprised that I was spending money on a pro, since I've helped just about everyone with their résumés.

My résumé was well-received by friends and colleagues. Most were impressed by its substance and appearance on the page. One recruiter contact gave some very honest, constructive feedback on the first version which led to Jared and me reworking it.

Many different people responded to my updated LinkedIn profile. My headhunter mentioned my current résumé looked fantastic.

So far everyone has loved it: some of the adjectives used. "beautiful", "brilliant", "really tells a story.

Extremely positive responses on the LinkedIn profile. Very professional.

I only reached out for feedback after the "final" draft of the résumé was delivered. The feedback was largely positive, but yielded some potential holes in the storyline and/or questions that others (e.g. recruiters, hiring managers, etc.) might raise. After that, Jared was willing to make a few small tweaks and continue content development to ensure that I was ultimately happy with the final, final document.

Most people don't forget their experience with The Résumé Studio's questionnaire. What was your experience like with my questionnaire, both in completing it, and in later shaking loose and / or using the data we extracted.

To be honest I wasn't too excited about filling out a questionnaire. However, it was a great exercise. It helped me pull out things about myself that I tend to take for granted or under value.

I thought the questionnaire was very overwhelming at first, and wasn't sure what all the questions meant, but after asking Jared, I was able to identify the questions that were related to my industry and level of experience.

The questionnaire was painful at times but provided a necessary foundation for the job ahead. Not only were the questions on the questionnaire germane to the overall process but were broad enough in scope to bring other peripheral questions to mind as the process continued that helped develop the résumé or myself.

It was hard. VERY time consuming. But the fact that I had invested so much more than I was planning to spend made me stick with it. That is key. The investment in one's self. Shaking loose is a good term here: I kept notes during the questionnaire portion and have referred back to them several times to jog my memory again. From that exercise, I made a master grid of clients, brands, etc., to which I've referred at least a dozen times.

I remember enjoying the questionnaire process. It was the first time I'd had to do something like it. It was a lot of work but this part of the process was invaluable, overall, and really helped me to dig deeper into my background, which in turn helped us to produce solid drafts. Some areas of the questionnaire were a bit hard to answer, took time, and didn't end up figuring into the actual draft.

The process was revealing as to what I was trying to convey as a possible employee. I was lucky to have met with you to go through the questionnaire. We worked on it together and it made it much easier.

Extensive but detailed. It brought out my "true self."

I found it a little arduous but was glad to have gone through the process once it was done.

It was a difficult process requiring one to engage not just with their work history (dates) but detailed experiences that would benefit a potential company.

I liked it. I travel a lot and had many cross-country flights that I could devote to the questionnaire. There were a few areas that felt redundant at the time, but ultimately were asking similar questions in different ways and therefore elicited different responses which proved useful in the end.