This page is for long-standing and returning clients of The Résumé Studio who need to update a document, or want to stay engaged in their career development.

There are three categories on this page. Choose the one that's right for you.


OPTION 1 of 3: Ad hoc Updates

I love working with somebody who knows me and my background and can help me get it done.
— Controller, San Francisco, CA

If you’ve been away for some time and need to schedule a general update, or need ad hoc coaching, get the ball rolling by self-scheduling your first work session. Additional time will be scheduled and billed as you go.

Be sure I have the latest versions of your master documents in advance of our first meeting; otherwise, I'll pull your most recent archived master file.


OPTION 2 of 3: Continuity Coaching

If the kind of attention you gave your career during our work together is something you’d like to continue, then Continuity Coaching is what that looks like.

What is Continuity Coaching?

It’s been several months since we finished the process of redoing my résumé and I have three offers on the table.

I’m having a hard time deciding which to choose after narrowing it down to two.
— Head of Customer Communication & Engagement, Seattle, WA

I've designed Continuity Coaching to help clients reinforce their immediate needs and long-term commitments to their careers. Ongoing support, accountability, and support helps clients conduct a meaningful job search and challenge themselves with regular access to a thought partner.

As an ongoing sounding board, skeptic, and champion invested in your success, I'll meet with you regularly to tend to whatever needs you have.

Practical, short-term examples:

  • Customize your résumé or cover letter to a specific job description

  • Prepare for and support your job search

  • Write or edit follow-up materials (e.g., thank you letters / emails)

  • Develop and manage a networking strategy

Long-term strategy examples:

  • Strategize around career decisions

  • Keep your brand message on point

  • Cultivate long-term goals (e.g., promotions, board appointments)

  • Nurture your professional brand

  • Raise your thought leadership visibility

  • Pressure test career ideas and goals

As-needed calls:

Regular monthly calls:

You know so much about our lives ... you listen so much to our stories and help us feel heard.
— Director, Search & Social, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Redeem appointments anytime my schedule allows using the quick link provided.

  • Use or lose the time. (Time will reset monthly/upon each new auto-payment.) I've mused on allowing rollover time, but and the risk of it becoming untenable over time is too great. If you think you won't use the time each month, don't subscribe!

  • Cancel your subscription anytime.


OPTION 3 of 3: Job Search Partner

If you’re heading into, or aggressively conducting, a stealth or active job search and need a regular resource to answer job search questions—or need a careful, strategic thought partner—this is your support system until you land that job. 

What is the Job Search Partner offering?

The in-depth work we did during your project doesn't have to stop at my delivery of your master documents. You can't imagine the wonky questions that surface during a job search, and when they do, you'll need answers.

I’m going to New York tomorrow to seal the deal. It’s Huge! It’s a direct hit down the resume you wrote for me and that piece of paper really did its job. Got me a meeting with the UK-based CEO who gave me the thumbs up.

Thank you for getting me focused and able to quantify and easily communicate my qualifications.
— Chief Business Officer, San Francisco, CA

Here are a few examples of past job search coaching scenarios:

  • You're referred to someone, they agree to meet, and you need to develop a meeting strategy (e.g., tone, pre-meeting questions, expectations, follow-ups and thanks yous, next steps)

  • A recruiter contacted you and you're not sure what to do next

  • An odd inbound query came in and you don't know whether you should ignore it or respond to it

  • You suddenly have a promotion offer

  • Your dream job came along and you need to *calm down* and think rationally

  • You need to identify your "Top 10 people to contact" about your stealth job search intentions, and then develop a contact strategy for each

As-needed calls:

Regular monthly calls (subscription):

“I need to keep things updated, plus I need my ‘Jared therapy’.”
— Senior Enterprise Marketer, San Francisco, CA
  • Redeem appointments anytime my schedule allows using the quick link(s) provided (availability permitting).

  • Use or lose the time. (Time will reset monthly/upon each new auto-payment.) Rollover time is impossible for a variety of reasons. If you think you won't use the allotted weekly time, don't subscribe.

  • Cancel your subscription or switch to Continuity Coaching when you land your new job.