He continually proves he can do it all
— Recruiter, San Francisco Bay Area

“Working with Jared Redick is an investment in yourself and your career. As a recruiter, I meet a lot of wonderfully talented people with less-than-wonderful résumés. Résumé writing is a specific talent that requires enormous expertise, and Jared has that talent and expertise in abundance. He is the only résumé writer I refer to candidates, as his results are both professionally successful and personally meaningful. Jared’s insight, personality, and writing style make him a rare breed. I have also referred him to boutique firms and small businesses for copywriting as he continually proves he can do it all.” — Kimber P, Executive Recruiter, Digital, Direct Marketing, Database Marketing & Analytics

Jared redick and  shauna bryce  co-present at the national resume writers' association 2014 conference.

Jared redick and shauna bryce co-present at the national resume writers' association 2014 conference.

“Jared always has a thoughtful perspective, grounded in his years of experience, [making him] one of those rare professionals who clients turn to (and have their family, friends, and colleagues turn to) for guidance, but also who other résumé writers and career industry professionals turn to for guidance.” — Shauna B, Career Strategist for Lawyers, Author of 6 Books, Coach, Résumé Writer, Speaker, Writer for Bloomberg Law

"I love reading your LinkedIn summaries. I find them so challenging to write, and yours read like poetry!” — Norine Dagliano, Career Services Professional

Practice Development Coaching for Writers & Coaches

“Your presentations this Sunday and Monday were amazing. I learned heaps, and I came away very excited about the potential of the Job Description Analysis and the Buckets strategy.” — Manager, Graduate Student Services, UCLA Career Center

Train the Trainer Coaching for University-based Career Services Professionals

“Such a great presentation. My friend (career counselor from UCSB) kept whispering, 'This is amazing. I love this tool. Jared is fantastic.'” — University of California Humanities Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA audience member

“Huge kudos. I met with my executive recruiter friend, and she said, 'You know, sometimes I cringe a little when I offer to look at someone's résumé because of how harsh I might be ... and then I saw yours ... and I have no comment. It's great. The way you've divided things up and highlighted things are really effective, which allows us to have a bigger conversation.' You [Jared] probably get this all the time, but I hope the feedback makes you happy. She also suggested an executive bio, which you're already writing, so you and she are TOTALLY simpatico!" — General Counsel & Corporate Secretary résumé

“It was a pleasure to see you again, as always! The Jared Effect! It was fun, and another successful event for Humanists@Work.'” — Manager, UCHRI

“Jared is really good at what [he does]. Strategic, conscientious, and really committed to supporting [his] clients.” — Irene M, Executive Résumé Writer, Interview Coach, Career Coach, Job Search Consultant, LinkedIn Profile Writer

“So great meeting you last week. Thank you for sharing your expertise and guidance on resumé writing! I truly enjoyed the experience, and appreciated your valuable insight.” — Lead Career Counselor, University of California, [Campus Redacted]

“I thought you were the best one I've heard at this conference.” — National Résumé Writers' Association conference attendee

“I am stunned by the detail, documents, services and information you provide to your clients. You certainly know this business inside and out. I am so amazed! I learned so much reading through your documents.”— Robin K, Chief Résumé Writer

“Thanks again for that great training last year and I am working my buns off to build that niche! Looking forward to chatting with you again at the conference.” — Juliet M, Career Coach

“That writer is a sculptor of words.” — Silicon Valley recruiter remarking on a client’s marketing résumé

“Jared has taken us to the next level in assisting our C-level clients.” 
“Very informative. Impressive presentation.”
“Solid info, not just a pretty picture.”
— Post-event reviews, National Résumé Writers' Association conference

“Great workshop! Loved finding different ways to look at things."

"Fantastic information from real experts and role models."

"This was very beneficial. A great investment of my time. I have a lot of actionable takeaways."

"[Loved the] interaction and great actionable information [the] presenters shared."

"I loved hearing about what they did; what worked and what didn't. Would like to have more time!"

"Very knowledgeable. Shared relevant experiences that helped [us] rethink strategies for marketing and promoting our businesses."

"Very personable. Lots of mentoring."
— Post-event reviews for joint workshop, National Résumé Writers' Association conference