Thank you for your wonderful presentation at Humanists@Work. It was informative at so many turns and I cannot wait to apply the strategies you shared.
— Ph.D. Candidate, UCLA

Jared presents tailored executive résumé writing, career planning, and LinkedIn strategy solutions to groups nationwide.

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Hosting Institutions:

Universities, Companies & Alumni Groups:

  • Beyond Academia (Berkeley)

  • California State University, MBA Class (Oakland)

  • Harvard Club of Washington D.C., hosted by Hogan Lovell (Washington, D.C.)

  • Moss Adams (Santa Rosa)

  • Regis High School Alumnus Group (New York)

  • UCLA Graduate Division (Los Angeles, CA)

  • University of California, Humanities Research Institute (Berkeley, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Silicon Valley)

Professional Associations: 

Executive résumé writer and career transition coach, Jared Redick, presents at a University of California Graduate Career Workshop in San Diego, CA

Executive résumé writer and career transition coach, Jared Redick, presents at a University of California Graduate Career Workshop in San Diego, CA

  • Association of Image Consultants International (global webinar)

  • National Résumé Writers' Association, National Conference (national webinar, Charleston, Denver)

  • CFA Institute (global webinar, Twitter chat)

  • CFA Society of Minnesota (Minneapolis)

  • CFA Society of San Francisco (San Francisco)

Nonprofit Organizations & Advisories:

  • Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service (Brooklyn)

  • Compass Point (San Francisco, CA)

  • Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (San Francisco)

  • The Foundation Center (New York, San Francisco)

  • Oakland Chamber of Commerce (Oakland)

  • Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (New York)


  • Executive résumé development, writing, and positioning

  • Using LinkedIn as a tool for business

  • LinkedIn profile copy-writing and optimization

  • Stealth job searching

  • Using resume writing as a tool for professional discovery

  • Retained executive search strategy

  • Long-term career development and planning

  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Developing a long-range plan into thought leadership and public board roles

  • CV-to-resume conversion


  • Live presentation (keynote, main speaker, breakout)

  • Webinar / online training (enabled by GoToMeeting)

  • Small group / "Saturday Morning Coffee with Jared"

Current Title Library:

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Career Planning:

Eye on the C-Suite: A Crash Course for Your Future
Originally presented by the Harvard Club of Washington, D.C., and hosted at the Litigation & Conference Center, Hogan Lovells

This fast-paced presentation and Q&A session is exclusively for ambitious entry-level to mid-career professionals aiming for the top of their fields. Eye on the C-Suite draws on the collective work of Shauna C. Bryce of Bryce Legal in Annapolis and Jared Redick of The Résumé Studio in San Francisco.

opening slide for "eye on the c-suite" presentation

opening slide for "eye on the c-suite" presentation

Individually and collectively, Shauna and Jared have partnered with business, legal, and technology leaders at many of the world’s most recognizable brands. Their clients include board members, C-level executives, heads of divisions and departments, and rising stars. Eye on the C-Suite: A Crash Course for Your Future offers up-and-coming leaders rapid-fire ideas and strategies on:

Personal branding
Finding a mentor
Reverse engineering your career
Understanding the differences between retained search and contingency recruiting
Controlling your story by understanding the nuances between your résumé and your LinkedIn profile

Résumé Writing & Design:

Why Retained Executive Search Doesn’t Want Your Inbound Résumé
Originally presented at the National Résumé Writers Association Annual Conference, Charleston, South Carolina

When the world’s top companies need to find key members of their executive teams, they frequently invest considerable resources to hire one of the world’s retained executive search firms. Unfortunately, many résumé writers, career counselors, and executives will never see inside the executive search process. For instance, did you know that a formal search often won’t include the expectation of an uninvited inbound résumé? The implications are vast.

Converting Your Academic CV to a Non-academic Résumé
Originally presented to the UC Humanities Network, David Brower Center, Berkeley, California

What happens when humanities MAs and PhDs consider a career alongside or outside of the Academy? Learn how to analyze job descriptions, translate skills and experience, and truncate an academic body of work into a quantitative professional résumé that works outside or alongside the academy.

Don’t Call it a Template: Unraveling Your Résumé’s Purpose, Content & Design
Originally presented at the Graduate Career Workshop, University of California Humanities Network, Hosted by the Central Library, San Diego

Fire up your laptop and bring your toughest questions. Career transition coach and executive résumé writer, Jared Redick, returns to the University of California Humanities Network to build on his May 2014 presentation, “Building Today’s Complex Career Change Resume: Converting an Academic CV to a Non-academic Résumé.” This three-hour training turns theory into practice, introducing ways to use:

Research to find roles that might be an interesting fit for your expertise
Discovery to identify and frame your experience and support your findings
Build unique content from starter copy
Design resume elements that pull it all together

Jared’s individual clients wrestle through a question-based process over weeks and months, so this workshop won’t solve the puzzle in three hours. But it will “shake the tree” and equip you with the introspective processes, concepts, and hands-on practice needed to re-imagine your life’s work in a way that resonates beyond the academy.

LinkedIn Writing & Content Strategy:

Writing LinkedIn Profiles for Stealth Job Seekers
Originally presented at the National Résumé Writers' Association Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado

Many LinkedIn profiles behave like online resumes. That may be the right choice for many. But what about the stealth job seeker? Or the executive who is happy and wants merely to be open to passive search? Jared Redick works with executives and senior professionals taking a long view on their careers. Part of that approach includes a LinkedIn profile that translates across a spectrum of profile readers, not just recruiters. Learn how he writes for clients who need a robust profile, but also need to mitigate speculation about their career intentions. It starts with thinking about LinkedIn® as a business tool.

Four Strategies for Building Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn®
Originally presented as a global webinar for the CFA Institute

From the moment you setup a LinkedIn profile, you’re on a potentially very public stage. But do you know how to use it to your advantage? Do you know the strategies to propel you and the pitfalls to avoid? Six-hundred-million-plus global users agree: LinkedIn is the premiere place to hang your professional hat online and it’s much more than a static online résumé.

opening slide for "four principles" presentation

opening slide for "four principles" presentation

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for building your professional brand, but many professionals just are not using it to its fullest potential. Whether because of its public nature or myriad technical steps to creating a well-conceived and fully optimized LinkedIn profile, The Résumé Studio’s Jared Redick finds that many professionals are sitting with an unfinished shell of a LinkedIn presence.

In this webinar, the first in a two-part series about maximizing your LinkedIn® presence, you will gain a perspective that goes beyond the technology and explores why and how to build a profile that is uniquely right for you. Jared Redick, an executive résumé and LinkedIn profile writer, shares and explains his checklist of actionable steps that will jump-start your process and help you re-imagine your profile across four main categories: being found, reaching out, building a reputation, and staying connected.

Advanced Writing Strategies for Your LinkedIn Profile
Originally presented as a global webinar for the CFA Institute

For many professionals, your LinkedIn profile is the backbone of your professional presence online—making the summary section its heartbeat. A well-considered and well-written summary is essential to ensuring that your profile’s viewers have the right information on which to hinge their understanding of you. You want your summary to give viewers something from which to springboard into the rest of your profile and something to inspire them to engage with you and learn more.

In the second installment of his two-part webinar series for CFA Institute, Jared Redick, a professional LinkedIn and executive résumé writer, takes you behind the scenes to show how he develops LinkedIn summary and experience copy that strikes the right tone for his professional and executive clients. Watch him reverse engineer several summaries, capturing and translating strategies you can use to better build your own LinkedIn summary and experience sections.