Self-paced Private Coaching

This page has been shared privately with you because, after chatting, Jared believes you are uniquely suited to write your own résumé using his tools and templates, and a bit of one-on-one incremental coaching.

Passing along good news! I just got hired as CEO of [Nonprofit Organization], California’s [redacted] registry. Woohoo!

Thanks for your help in the effort and I hope you are well.
— Executive Director, Nonprofit Advocacy Organization

Please keep this privately-shared link close to the vest. It should not be shared with friends, family, or colleagues. (It's not even publicly available to search engines.)

Your first step is to complete at least one Job Description Analysis (JDA), which you can purchase here, if you haven't already. Once you've completed *at least one* JDA, you can begin booking from the two appointment types below. (The two DIY appointments are identical except in length.)