Three Returning-client Scenarios

If you’re visiting this page, it means you’re a returning client and you’ve been explicitly given the URL to review its details. If you haven’t worked with Jared Redick, The Résumé Studio, or The Redick Group—or you've reached this page unintentionally—please navigate back to the homepage by clicking the logo above.

For all returning clients:

My returning clients often wonder how we’ll reengage in our work together. I’ve created the three most common “updater scenarios” below to give you an idea.

In every case, updates are a combination of one-at-a-time 50-minute sessions spent working together ($180/session) and time I spend alone writing on your behalf ($220/hour, calculated by the minute).

Following are the three most common Returning Client scenarios I’ve observed over the last two decades.

#1. The Pretty Straightforward Updater:

Can you take the first pass at adding new information to your current résumé by emulating our previous work together? You might be a Pretty Straightforward Updater.

If that’s the case, go ahead and make your initial changes directly in the latest résumé version you have on file (as always, be sure to back-save it first as a Word 97-2003 or 97-2004), and then send it to me at (You may have already uploaded a draft when you booked your appointment, so email the latest copy before we meet. Also, don't stress about formatting, as I can clean that up easily.)

Example Scenarios:

You need to add a new company name and job title, as well as a corresponding scope of work paragraph and set of bullet points to mirror the last version of a résumé.

You want to make a handful of adjustments to an existing LinkedIn Summary and/or Experience section.

Typical Time to Complete:

Usually 2-4 hours (time calculated by the minute)

The Pretty Straightforward Updater isn’t planning to move beyond his or her obvious next step, and that step is obvious.

2. The Zigzag Updater:

If you’re less certain and feel like you might need flexibility around which direction to pursue, you might be a Zigzagger.

Like the Pretty Straightforward Updater (above), you can get a running start on your own by making initial changes to the latest résumé version you have on file, and then sending it to me at 

However, The Zigzag Updater wants to work closely together to make those details come to life.

Example Scenarios:

You need to add a new company name and job title, but also need help writing a scope of work paragraph and bullet points that mirror your current résumé.

You need to make corresponding adjustments to your existing LinkedIn Summary and/or Experience sections so they match your current goals, which differ enough from our last round of work that you need more time.

Typical Time to Complete:

Usually 3-9 hours (time calculated by the minute)

The Zigzag Updater is usually moving outside of an obvious next step and wants more time to work together.

3. The But-Wait-There’s-More Updater:

If you’re entirely unsure and/or need to reimagine your story from the ground up again, you’re a But-Wait-There’s-More Updater.

A perfect example is a client who began working with me in the late 90s as a senior marketing manager. That client has returned every 2-4 years and asked to go “back to the bare bones” to take a new reading on where s/he is currently, and where s/he might go in the future. This same client is now the president of a multibillion-dollar business unit.

In essence, this client has repeatedly committed to undertaking a new Job Description Analysis, a thorough completion of the Digital Workbook (previously called a Questionnaire, Questionnaire of Death, QOD), and a total slog through one of my programs to reimagine themselves for "now and what's next." 

If this is you, we’ll chat during the time you booked, and if you embark again on one of the formal programs, I'll apply your prepayment to that program. 

Example Scenarios:

You want to boil your story back down to its essence and build from scratch.

Typical Time to Complete:

Calendared and billed at my prevailing program timelines and fees. (Download The Résumé Studio's "Packages & Programs" matrix for full details.)