In simple terms, I use the executive résumé writing process to help people reverse engineer their career intentions and position themselves for opportunity. 

I sent my résumé to someone this week and holy cow the response was amazing!

Not only was the content and what I have accomplished impressive, but the presentation made it easy to digest and understand. Bravo!
— Chief Business Officer, Digital Media, San Francisco Bay Area

Drawing from a "purpose, content, design" approach I've developed since 1997, I help leaders discover core truths about themselves and their careers, and surface with deceptively-simple, elegantly-branded stories that rely on facts and shun hyperbole.

I've prepared the below two-step overview to give you a sense about how I work, and don't work. It's worth a few extra minutes as you think about investing your own time and energy. (In a hurry? The Last-minute Résumé Review & Strategy session is a scaled-back coaching alternative to bespoke projects.)

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of working together on a one-to-one project, follow these two steps:

New Client Step 1:

Download The Résumé Studio's "Packages & Programs" matrix, and decide which price and timeline might be right for you. Additional pros and cons about the two programs (vs. the package) can be found on the Program FAQ page. 

New Client Step 2:

If it makes sense to talk after you've reviewed the "Packages & Programs" matrix, choose one of the following new client orientation options.


More of what you might want to know:

Each of Jared's offerings evolved from his best and most satisfying projects, both for himself and his clients—many of whom return every few years for a tune-up. The only thing Jared doesn't offer is quick turnarounds. Other writers are more equipped for that specialized need. One resource he frequently suggests is Michelle Dumas and her résumé writing team.

Why are the programs called "programs?" Since 1997, Jared has developed a process that began as strict résumé writing, but evolved into career coaching, using the rigor of writing as a primary tool for discovery. It's a journey of decision-making that plots, plans, and maps the future, and ends with a lineup of strategies and great career documents.