In simple terms, I use the executive résumé writing process to help people reverse engineer their career intentions and position themselves for opportunity. 

I sent my résumé to someone this week and holy cow the response was amazing!

Not only was the content and what I have accomplished impressive, but the presentation made it easy to digest and understand. Bravo!
— Chief Business Officer, Digital Media, San Francisco Bay Area

Drawing from a "purpose, content, design" approach I've developed since 1997, I help leaders discover core truths about themselves and their careers, and surface with deceptively-simple, elegantly-branded stories that rely on facts and shun hyperbole.

I've prepared the below two-step overview to give you a sense about how I work, and don't work. It's worth a few extra minutes as you think about investing your own time and energy. 

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of working together on a one-to-one project, follow these two steps:

New Client Step 1:

Download The Résumé Studio's "Packages & Programs" matrix, and decide which price and timeline might be right for you. (We’ll discuss nuances if you book an intake call.) 

New Client Step 2:

If it makes sense to talk after you've reviewed the "Packages & Programs" matrix, choose one of the following new client orientation options.

(In a hurry? Last-minute Résumé Review & Strategy sessions are a scaled-back coaching alternative.)


More of what you might want to know:

Each of my offerings evolved from what I consider to have been the best and most satisfying projects, both for myself and my clients—many of whom return every few years for a tune-up. The only thing I don’t offer is quick turnarounds. Other writers are more equipped for that specialized need. One resource I frequently suggest is Michelle Dumas and her résumé writing team.

I found our discussion on Tuesday very insightful and look forward to receiving additional information on how we can best work together. Eager to get started!
— Managing Director, Digital Entertainment Company

Why are the programs called "programs?" Since 1997, I’ve developed a process that began as strict résumé writing, but evolved into career coaching, using the rigor of writing as a primary tool for discovery. It's a journey of decision-making that plots, plans, and maps the future, and ends with a lineup of strategies and great career documents.