If a career change is on your horizon, you need choices and tools to make strategic decisions.

As a San Francisco-based executive résumé writer and career transition coachJared Redick helps stealth job seekers and passive candidates use the executive résumé writing process to position themselves for opportunity. 

He believes:

  • Life should be lived, not endured
  • Careers should be purposefully shaped
  • Career changers need a roadmap
  • New rules to an old game can be learned

Inspiring things start happening when Jared speaks with professionals around the world about re-imagining their careers.

Career Discovery

First, the realization that their careers can be strategically directed puts them at ease and unlocks the possibility of new beginnings.

Professional Self-inventory

Second, guided professional self-reflection begins aligning their career histories with decisive career intentions. 

SEO-inspired Documents

Finally, modern but conservative document design and copy-writing principles optimize the case for why relevant parts of their background fit their target industries, appealing to a unique matrix of job search gatekeepers and decision-makers.

We've come a long way since word processors forever changed how we present ourselves on paper. Jared has worked hard since 1997 to be the person you need today—having re-imagined himself to be counted among the best at leveraging those changes on your behalf.

Whether your career transition is elective or imminent, a few weeks or months of guided self-reflection and discovery can open doors to what you really want.