Are you a past client recruiting an executive or senior professional into your company? 

What if I could save your company months of time and thousands of dollars in fees spent finding the right candidate?  

Check in with me before hiring a search firm.

As a retained executive search recruiter, I identified and helped place senior professionals at the world's leading companies and nonprofits.

As an executive résumé writer who has long-worked with executives and senior professionals, I have a database packed with well-pedigreed and accomplished senior professionals—each with careers and personalities I've come to know well.

My Strategic Introductions offering borrows from the best of executive search, and pulls from a database, rich with highly-qualified, successful, and thoughtful professionals.

Simply stated, I can potentially shortcut the executive search process by spending 2-5 business days identifying a short list of potential candidates. If I don't have a fit for any reason (qualifications, education, culture fit, etc.), you'll lose nothing but 2-5 days.

Example Savings (time and cost):

Overview of Terms (reach out for detailed agreement):

  • You must be a past client of The Résumé Studio in order to participate.
  • You will only be presented with other past clients of The Résumé Studio (with their permission). 
  • Introductions will be made only through mutual permission on the part of both parties.
  • You and/or your company will solely handle all recruiting and hiring matters (e.g., interviewing, vetting, organizing, reference checking). The Résumé Studio is simply making an introduction.
  • Upon hire, your company will pay 5% of the first year salary for the position in question to The Résumé Studio.
  • You pay The Résumé Studio only if your company hires a candidate introduced by The Résumé Studio.
  • You may not engage The Résumé Studio for a Strategic Introduction if your company is currently under contract with a retained executive search firm.
  • You may be able to engage The Résumé Studio if you are currently under a non-exclusive contract with a contingency search firm or recruiting agency. Check any terms you may have signed.
  • If a candidate presented by The Résumé Studio is hired and later leaves your company for any reason, there is no refund, nor replacement.
  • The Strategic Introductions offering is not a recruiting program. It is simply an introduction that may result in a match.