STEP 3: Résumé Writing & Development Support

CV-to-Résumé Conversion Coaching for UC Grad Students

Book one or more 30-minute screen-sharing sessions with Jared Redick and/or UCLA PhD, Dana Linda to tune and tighten your story.

Session objectives: You've interpreted your JDA, developed and tweaked your story hierarchy/framework, and used The Résumé Studio's tools and templates to bring your document this far.

Now get incremental feedback.

We'll answer your pressing questions, do live edits to bring content within style standards, and generally help bring your document(s) across the finish line.


  • People generally complete 2-6 of these sessions before feeling "done." Booking frequency is fully within your control, with the only limitation being The Résumé Studio's schedule and availability. We suggest waiting until each session has concluded before booking the next appointment.
  • A UCLA PhD (Dana Linda) may shadow or lead (under my guidance) one or more sessions that you book at this reduced rate. I am training Dana to one day serve as a fully-qualified resource. If you are uncomfortable with the possibility of Dana shadowing or leading your session under my guidance, do not book this session. Instead, use this page to book a session with me at full price.